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the name SCOUT was a family decision, decided upon after consulting a trusty thesaurus and searching under “search and gather”. “scouting” came up and we loved the name and the reference to our favorite book, to kill a mockingbird. it fit who we are perfectly - we’re always scouting the planet, near and far, for unique items that are perfectly suited for gift giving and self giving. our mission is simply to

1) offer beautiful, quality items that have a story behind them and

2) provide exceptional service and beautiful gifting options that include free luxury gift wrap and customized gift narratives.

and the cheese? growing up in cedar rapids, nikki’s grandmother often took her to stores that had candy counters...but cheese was always her preference. Why not feature a cheese counter in a gift store instead? stop for a gift, sample some amazing cheese. done and done!

we can’t wait to meet you...

live life lovely.

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"She’s the kind of person that travels all over the world and can’t wait to bring back the perfect, most “you” thing that she found and paint the picture for you of where it was and who was making it and what the air smelled like that day."

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