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become the best gift giver


we know the reality of driving all over town looking for a thoughtful, creative gift. it's cruel. almost as cruel as shipping costs and estimated arrival times. that's why we shop all year round and travel all over the world to bring an ever-changing assortment of beautiful, quality products to one spot. it's time we all made good on that genuine, kind-hearted aspiration to give the perfect gift.



there's nothing that can start off a good day or shake off a bad one quite like quality personal care. from the feeling of a fresh shave as you walk out the door to a long bath at the end of the day. we get it, and it's why we offer some of the best national and international products on the market.

you'll find balms, oils, scrubs, and polishes for everyone that you'll never want to see the end of.  



our houses undoubtedly become homes when the tools we use everyday become the artwork. odes to the elbow grease and baking days and weekend projects. 

you'll find handmade cutting boards, fun office supplies, one-of-a-kind decor items, and useful tools for any home.



carrying on the proud human tradition of loving good food almost as much as good conversation. you'll find spices and salts, specialty coffees and teas, and sauces and syrups that will dress up meals when they're not dressing up countertops. 

and don't forget the cheese! stop by our cheese counter to discover your favorite pairing. 



yes, there's more...

stop in to see our ever-evolving collection of kid and pet items


tie it all together with luxury gift wrapping and a card